We are very proud of the hotel's location, close to a very large number of sights, activities and experiences, with something for everyone.

The nature scene around us is both unique and incredibly beautiful. With clean air and clean water, we dare say that this is one of Sweden's most beautiful locations, immortalized by Evert Taube, one of Sweden’s finest poets and musicians, in the song Änglamark (Where Angels Tread). 

The Vindel River, one of Sweden’s four nationally protected rivers, is truly fascinating, offering a multitude of memorable experiences all year round. Some real gems can be found in the videos presented below.


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Mountain biking

In our beautiful surroundings there are great opportunities to test your mountain bike riding skills and, at the same time, enjoy a splendid forest environment or the Vindel River flowing alongside the path. Tvåälvsleden, the two-river trail, between Vindeln and Granö is suitable for both hiking and biking. Mountain bikes can be rented from the Kaffe Skog och Rök outdoor sports shop.



The Vindel River is one of Sweden’s most rapids-rich rivers and there are great opportunities for rafting in the rapids at Trollforsarna, Hemsele and Kvarnforsarna near Vindeln. Safe in your wetsuit, included in the raft rental, you can launch yourself into the swirling rapids in a rubber raft. Expect to get wet but also to enjoy an exciting adventure in a National River in the hands of skilled instructors.



A quiet way to enjoy the scenery is to take a trip by canoe, such as here on the Åman River at Åmsele. This is a very calm river and you can paddle upstream without difficulty, which makes it suitable for families with children. Close to the canoe rentals, there are also a number of more demanding stretches along several lakes and watercourses. Explore them on one-day trips or trips with overnight stops.



Try standup paddling in the unspoilt, powerful and mythical Vindel River or its tributary, the Arvån River, with Donald as your instructor. It’s a superb way to test your balance, every little muscle in your body will be involved. It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling to experience the Vindel River in this way. The starting point is at Ekorrsele, about 35 kilometres from the hotel. 



There are a number of beautiful and unique local sights that we are happy to recommend. Cycle or take a leisurely stroll to Vindeln Church, inaugurated in 1903 and designated Sweden's most beautiful church in 2003. An exceptionally splendid and striking building. The former chapel, St. Michael’s Chapel, is located close by. Vindeln’s local heritage museum is located in Brånet, on the site of the former Degerfors village and with buildings from the end of the 19th century. There is an outdoor dance floor, café, forge and a number of farm buildings from the Province of Västerbotten. Down by the rapids stands the old Degerfors mill, which today houses exhibition rooms and the Konst i Kvarn art gallery. All well worth a visit!


Isälvsleden Trail

Hike along the unique Isälvsleden (ice river) trail in the Skatan Ecopark between Vindeln and Åmsele. Over huge pine moors on equally majestic ridge formations formed more than 8,000 years ago, the trail winds through the landscape for 60 kilometres. Hike or mountain bike and enjoy a different and unforgettable journey. Popular for one-day excursions or trips with overnight stays. There are plenty of shelters and rest areas en route.


Autumn and Winter Activities

Here, we have real winters. Right outside the hotel you can just strap on your skis and go for a trip. If you want to slalom ski, we are not far from the Buberget skiing centre. There are slopes graded from red for advanced skiing to green for beginners. In total, there are five slopes and four lifts, one of which is a children’s button lift. Or you could try a dog sled ride out into the snowy-white countryside with Donald in Ekorrsele. 


Vindelforsarna Nature Reserve 

The Vindelforsarna rapids in Vindeln is one of Vindel River’s largest and most majestic rapids landscapes. The 76-hectare area, which includes a number of stretches of rapids, became a nature reserve in 1982 and offers visitors spectacular nature experiences at any time of the year. Along the eastern banks of the river you will find eroded banks, ravines and river terraces with deciduous forests. Summertime café and art exhibitions.


Vormforsen rapids

An important place to visit is the Vormforsen rapids near the picturesque village of Vormsele. This is where a memorial stone was erected to commemorate Evert Taube, the Swedish poet and musician, who protested against the development of the Vindel River in the 1960s. His song titled Änglamark (Where Angels Tread) has become the anthem of the river and its words leave no one unmoved. There are a number of cosy coffee shops, and this is where we can remember all those who fought for one of Sweden’s most beautiful, unspoilt rivers. “…And let the last river that is foaming through the dale, Let it flow forever peacefully in the vale.”

Mårdseleforsarna rapids

This is one of the most rapids-rich areas of the Vindel River and is certainly worth a visit. There are bridges and duckboards that lead you into an extremely exciting area, completely surrounded by water. Many different species of plants thrive on the banks of the rapids, including arctic yellow violet, moor-king lousewort, alpine milkvetch, and the beautiful cinnamon rose. There are also some remains from the log driving era. Close to the nearby County Road 363 are the Wild River Restaurant and Granström’s Café. 

Family activities 

For families with small children, we can recommend Mickelbo Farm in Mickelträsk and Glassbonden (the ice-cream farmer) in Västra Selet. Feeding the animals in Mickelbo is a children’s favourite – and what better way to finish the day than with some homemade ice-cream at Glassbonden’s farm, where the cows calmly graze without a thought of producing ice cream ...



This area is an angler’s eldorado, with numerous attractive river and lake fishing opportunities. The Vindeln River is one of the country’s four unregulated major rivers and is nationally known for its sport fishing waters. In addition to grayling, you can also catch salmon and trout on your hook. The rapids in Vindeln, from Renforsen and downstream, are excellent fishing spots.


Experience Map

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One of the world's largest biosphere reserves.

On 19 June, 2019, UNESCO designated the valley of the Vindel River, from its mountain source to its coastal estuary, a biosphere reserve. The reserve covers an area of 1.3 million hectares, from the Norwegian border to the Gulf of Bothnia, along the river’s course of some 500 kilometres.

The Vindel River is one of Sweden's four unregulated National Rivers and runs through a wide variety of natural surroundings and cultural environments.

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